In order to offer quality, flexibility and cost effective solutions to our customers, we utilize the company’s global reach and we cooperate with the biggest airlines.

By choosing to use our services, you gain access to an extensive worldwide network of specialized agents, making sure that your shipment arrives its destination without any unpleasant setbacks.

Our professional and qualified personnel are dedicated to serve all types of airfreight, which are the following:

International Air Freight service

Time is of the essence for your cargo. Our airfreight services offer the best option to those who want fast and safe deliveries for any type of shipment – either hazardous or not.

Direct and consolidation shipments

We can handle either direct individual shipments or consolidation shipments that include consignments from various shippers into one single shipment, and as a result we offer the benefit of superior rates.

Over-sized shipments

Over-sized cargo requires a certain level of experience in its handling during the shipping process. We have the experienced personnel and the specialized equipment to do all the heavy lifting for you, while offering cost-effective solutions that match your unique needs.

Charters and part chargers

Charter services are the ideal solution for those who want to overcome shortcomings of their deliveries and take control of their shipment. So if you are in need of achieving ultimate control and flexibility of your shipping, we have the resources to offer you dedicated charter services in order to secure fast and safe airfreight transportation on your own terms.

Dangerous shipments

The shipping of dangerous and hazardous cargo is one of the most standard and complex demands in airfreight services. Each different type of hazardous material must undergo a special review in order to be authorized on the plane, and even at that time there is a possibility that eventually it will be left out. Our set of skills will act as a trusted advisor in every step of the process, promising you successful and safe shipping.

Express services

We realize the growing shipping demand of big samples, and that’s why we are actively promoting a combined service of airfreight & door-to-door delivery. Just because normal courier services can’t always work as fast as it is needed in an environment that works at a rapid pace, we use direct flights in a way that we are able to guarantee worldwide shipping delivery wherever you may want.

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