If you want to reduce the cost of your shipping, then cargo consolidation might be exactly the option you should consider. It’s the process that combines shipments originated from many different consignees into one single container, following the preparation for their shipping. Then, your shipment is getting grouped with other ones until a standard container is filled, in which way you’re avoiding the cost of shipping a full loaded container.

The containers are shipping globally at any destination you choose, thus the benefits are exactly the same as handling a container load full of your own cargo.

On the other hand, deconsolidation is the process of breaking down a large shipment into smaller ones at the time of the arrival at the central warehouse hub. In the end, the small shipments are being sent safely and at full disclosure to their final destination.

Cargo consolidation is not isolated to less-than-load (LTL) shipments and can be used to create larger shipments from consolidated parcel freight.We have established long-term strong relationships with airlines and carriers across the globe, giving you the best options to gain access to better rates, even when shipping a small parcel.

Better carrier–shipper relationships

Full containers enable carriers to reduce their overhead costs – motivating carriers to form a partnership with shippers. By diminishing commotion in freight scheduling and loading forces to firmer carrier-shipper relations.

Lower transport costs

Merging cargo with other shippers tends to reduce the unit cost of transport. Blue Ocean has the ability to consolidate freight into full truckloads and also to combine small package freight into LTL shipments.

Better control over shipment scheduling

Reduce waiting times for trucks, since consolidation is done prior to loading. By consolidating shipments accelerate loading processes, improving schedule loyalty deriving in expandability to meet changes in demand.

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