We live in a time and era where the life cycle of a product is becoming more and more reduced. This pressure is being transferred into the market by using shorter lead-time, whereas seasonal inventory builds are playing a more central role.

We understand the critical role of flexibility and that’s the reason why we provide tailor-made solutions that fit unique needs within the worldwide supply chain network.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency on end-to-end delivery and reach our goals, we cooperate with Logika, an innovative 4PL company, with an aim to ensure a smooth flow across the supply chain, while saving time and cost for its projects.

Retail Goods

What makes our service stand out from the crowd is our ability to provide in depth logistics solutions for all or part of your logistics chain, including the collection of goods and storage or delivery to final destination.


We accompany you during all the phases of e-commerce, starting with the selection of the correct shop system, covering their supply chain needs from A to Z, furthermore we manage the returns. An efficient supply chain accelerates e-commerce processes to meet client expectations.


Blue ocean’s logistics hubs provide a wide range of made-to-measure services, all fitted to suit customer needs and smarten their supply chain performance. Our main goal is to guarantee the availability of collections in on- and off-line shopping networks.

Pharma & Cosmetics

Both the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry are characterized by extensive product ranges with a lot of depth and width. In these sectors Blue Ocean utilizes very modern order picking systems, which combine high output with low error rates and a high storage density.

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