Customs clearance is a crucial factor for a shipper exporting and importing goods, as regulations and paperwork might evolve into unbalanced factors that will hold your shipment back.

With good knowledge of rules, regulations, and laws either from country to country or from port to port within a country, we are able to ensure fast and easy custom clearance for all our clients who put their trust on our services.

Get in touch with us and ensure the smooth operation of your business schedules.

Import Shipment Clearance

We will put into practice all the necessary steps that involved in import customs clearance due to the need for tax and duty assessments and payment.

Export Shipment Clearance

We will apply all the general principles in order to obtain permission from a country’s government, by way of its customs agency, to take materials or products out of the sovereign territory.

Tariff Advice

Our Tariff advice system allows our clients to seek an advance ruling on the classification of specific goods before importation in order to assist them in making business decisions prior to committing to importation.

Advanced customs formalities

Attention to detail, smart planning and advanced customs formalities are applied for effective solutions– an ongoing approach that helps our customers – shipments are cleared quickly and efficiently.

Transhipment of goods under T1 status

The common transit procedure may be simplified even in transshipment of goods under T1 status which covers the movement of nonunion goods, suspending the measures normally applicable to them on import.

EORI number issuance

Everything is designed to maximize safety to our clients thus we have an EORI number which is basically a method for tracking exports and imports within the EU so any shipments can easily identify by customs. 

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